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Sheryl McGourty


Founder/ Owner of Yogadurango 2006-present

Board President- Durango Natural Foods Cooperative 2021-present

SEEDS Community Resolution Center- Conflict Mediation certification, March 2021

La Plata Leadership Graduate 2019

California College of Ayurveda- Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, May 2015

Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India
Yoga Teacher Training 2006

Fort Lewis College 2001
Postbaccalaureate Teacher Licensure Program

BS Experiential Education 1995

I have always been interested in the human story, the accumulation of experiences, our nature and nurture, the sum of who we are. Since I started choosing my personal experiences, education and work life, I began to immerse myself in situations to learn about myself and others, choosing diverse experiences with diverse populations. I am an adventurous spirit and seek experiences that are physically, mentally and emotionally challenging while offering deep reciprocity through connection to humanity and the natural world.


A space holder, a student of life, an idea generator, a manifestor, I continuously nudge myself towards growth and evolution and find myself in leadership roles, striving for clear perception and broader perspectives. I appreciate and practice effective communication both verbally and through the beauty of the written word. 


Having facilitated thousands of circles, experiences, classes and workshops with people of all ages, I never tire of witnessing the magic of realizations, small or large. It is my honor to be a cog in the wheel of someone’s personal journey offering skills I have honed over the years that might help contribute to someone’s healing.


I consider myself a Jill of All Trades, not easily defined or boxed in but a sum total. An outdoor guide, a teacher, a leader, a mom, a business owner, a dog-adorer, a community member, a friend, a gardener, a musician, a forever student who wishes to inspire and be inspired in the greatest creative act that is our lives.


Three Pillars Wellbeing recognizes the possibility of wholeness when we tend to the body, mind and spirit. Take the yoga journey and anchor the mind, develop curiosity in Ayurveda and understand how to honor the body, take refuge and courage through mediation and learn about yourself and others. Self-realization, though no quick and easy path, is one of the worthiest endeavors.

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