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"We possess an innate wisdom to gravitate towards vitality and life-affirming practices."

~ Sheryl McGourty 

Our total well-being is reflected by an integrated life where thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned and work collectively.  We seek purpose and meaning in our existence and have an innate need to grow and evolve. At times, we lose our way, forget, make choices and experience circumstances that cause imbalance. Patterns and habits can be so deep that we often mistake them as our true nature.

At Three Pillars Well-Being, I will be a mirror and ask the important questions. I am here to support your process while gently holding structure and accountability as you open to the shifts and changes that lead towards total wellness. When we are in greater balance, our health and vitality improves, our relationships are more harmonious and our life choices become clearer.

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The Practice of Yoga

The practice of yoga is truly experiential.  There are many definitions of yoga depending on context, narrative and perspective. “The science of self-realization” is one that beckons us to embark on a personal journey.  From the most gross to subtle awareness that yoga techniques encourage, we glean healing across physical, emotional and spiritual planes. 

Ayurveda Sheryl McGourty Durango Colorado

Ayurveda, The Knowledge of Life, is one of the oldest, most comprehensive medical systems in the world. With time-tested practices steeped in philosophical wisdom, this science not only heals the individual but offers a deep understanding of our place within the natural world. From shifting consciousness to shifting diet, Ayurveda encourages balance, harmony and inspiration in life.

Ayurveda Sheryl McGourty Durango Colorado
Conflict Mediation Resolution Sheryl McGourty Durango Colorado

Interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict, tension and strife are often opportunities for positive growth. The health of our relationships influences our basic desire to belong, be seen, heard and understood.  Conflict mediation supports individuals, groups and organizations in restoring relationships, while promoting effective dialogue and encouraging peaceful resolutions.

Conflict Mediation Resolution Sheryl McGourty Durango Colorado

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